Diversity Leadership Award 2017

The 2017 Alberta Human Rights Commission Diversity Leadership Award of Distinction was awarded to NorQuest College for their efforts in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Along with other Alberta Business Awards of Distinction recipients, they were honoured at an awards event at the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel on February 26, 2017.

NorQuest serves a very diverse population of students, staff and faculty members. However, they realized that having a diverse population did not automatically translate into inclusiveness. Developing their inclusiveness and diversity strategies included data collection, identifying priorities, engaging students, staff and faculty, developing and implementing strategies, and evaluating their efforts for effectiveness.

NorQuest focused on a number of key areas including supporting international students and employees, accommodating disabilities, religious diversity, women’s issues and LGBTQ+ needs, as well as incorporating Indigenous learnings and traditions to increase awareness, understanding, engagement and relationships. Specifically, they created the Centre for Intercultural Education to support diversity and inclusion on campus and in the community. The Centre has resources to support intercultural competence and to facilitate immigrant integration. In 2012, the Centre was involved in the Inclusive Student Engagement Project, and with this project came a commitment at the leadership level to make intercultural competence a priority for staff and faculty. They are currently on year five of a training intervention for staff and faculty focused on building intercultural competence using the “Something’s Up Cycle.”

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