Module three: Discrimination and harassment in the workplace

Preventing discrimination and harassment is one of the main goals of human rights legislation. Employers are responsible for actively discouraging and prohibiting discriminatory conduct such as sexual harassment, racial slurs, and discriminatory language which is demeaning on the basis of grounds that are protected in Alberta's legislation.

This module will help participants understand:

  • the types of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment,
  • what is a poisoned work environment,
  • the consequences of harassment and discrimination in the workplace,
  • the employer's responsibility in preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace,
  • the liability of employers, and
  • how appropriate policies, practices, and processes can create a work environment free from harassment and discrimination.

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Reviewed: March 10, 2010


Our vision is a vibrant and inclusive Alberta where the rich diversity of people is celebrated and respected, and where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in society, free from discrimination.