The Cultural Competency: Self Assessment Guide for Human Services Organizations

The Cultural Competency:  Self Assessment Guide presents a cultural diversity lens through which human service organizations can better understand cultural competency, reflect on their structures, policies and procedures, and plan and implement culturally competent practices. The guide includes the following content:  

Section 1 discusses significant changes in Canadian demography, government legislation, socio-economic reality of culturally diverse people in Canada, and benefits associated with cultural competency in human services,

Section 2 proposes a model of culturally competent organizations and the process towards cultural competency for human service organizations,

Section 3 presents nine tools that examine specific organizational functions with respect to cultural competency, including governance, administration and management, policy development, program development and service delivery,

Section 4 suggests a guideline for funding assessment to facilitate cultural competency in new programs/projects, and

Section 5 provides a list of resources relating to cultural diversity and competency.

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Cultural Competency: A Guide to Organizational Change - 3.77 MB

This publication was prepared for Canadian Heritage - Alberta District.


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