After the hearing

The Tribunal will make its decision. The parties will get a letter after the hearing with the Tribunal's decision and the reasons for the decision.

If the Tribunal finds that the complaint has merit, it may order a remedy such as:

  • Stopping the discrimination that the complaint is about,

  • Stopping the respondent from contravening the Alberta Human Rights Act in the same or any similar manner in the future,

  • Providing the complainant with the rights, opportunities, or privileges that were denied because of the discrimination,

  • Compensating the complainant for any lost wages, income, expenses, or general damages for injury to dignity and self-respect, or

  • Any other action that the Tribunal decides would place the person discriminated against in the position they would have been in if the discrimination had not occurred. This might include, for example, ordering the respondent to implement new policies.

The Tribunal can also make an order concerning the responsibility for paying the costs involved in bringing the matter before the Tribunal.

Concerns about the Tribunal's decision

If you believe there is an error in the Tribunal's decision, you can appeal to the Court of Queen's Bench within 30 days of getting the decision. The Court reviews the decision for an error in law, but does not hear witness testimony or reconsider the facts of the complaint.

The Tribunal Office cannot provide any legal advice with respect to court applications. We encourage you to seek legal advice before proceeding with this option.

For more information on the Court of Queen's Bench appeal process, visit their website.


Revised: March 12, 2021

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