Before the tribunal dispute resolution (TDR)

TDR location and date

TDRs are:

  • Usually held over videoconference (Zoom) or by phone. In some cases, a TDR may be held in person at either the Calgary or Edmonton Tribunal Office.
  • Usually held weekdays starting at 9:30 a.m. It is recommended that TDR participants plan to be at the TDR the entire day and do not book anything else for that day.
  • Closed to the public and are not recorded.

The Tribunal Office will send the parties an email with:

  • The date and time of the TDR
  • Deadlines for providing documents for the TDR

The parties are expected to take part in the TDR on the date and time given in that email. Contact the Tribunal Office within five business days of getting the email if you:

  • Have to request to change the date of the TDR and pick a new date everyone agrees on,
  • Need to request accommodation for the TDR, such as an interpreter, or
  • Decide you will not participate in the TDR.

Documents for the TDR

Certain documents are needed from the parties before the TDR. Parties should not provide documents they have already provided to the Commission during the complaint resolution stage, as the TDR member will already have those documents.

The TDR member will have:

  • The complaint file that was before the Director, which includes:
    • The complaint,
    • The response,
    • The investigation report or investigation memo, if one was written,
    • Any attachments to the investigation report or investigation memo,
    • The Director's decision, and
    • All relevant correspondence and documents between the Director and the parties.
  • The Chief of the Commission and Tribunal's decision on a Request for Review (appeal), if one was made.

Mediation Agreement

All TDR participants are required to sign a Mediation Agreement. The Tribunal Office will provide participants with the Mediation Agreement.

Participants must send the Tribunal Office their signed Mediation Agreement no later than one week (seven days) before the scheduled TDR.

Remedy Statement

The complainant must:

  1. Prepare a one-page statement outlining the remedy they are asking for to resolve the complaint. It should include a breakdown of the monetary remedy, if any, into general damages, lost wages, and any other losses.
  2. Send their remedy statement to the Tribunal Office and to the other parties (the respondent and the Director, if involved).
  3. Send their remedy statement to the Tribunal Office and the other parties no later than one week (seven days) before the scheduled TDR.

Other documents

If the parties plan to rely on other documents in the TDR that are not included in the documents that the TDR member already has, they must give them to the other parties and the Tribunal Office no later than one week (seven days) before the scheduled TDR.

These documents should not be more than five pages in total.

Zoom link

One week (seven days) before the scheduled TDR, the Tribunal Office will email all parties the Zoom link and general instructions for joining the TDR.

Because TDRs are confidential, it is important that you do not share this link with anyone else, unless approved by the Tribunal Office.


Revised: March 12, 2021

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