Tribunal dispute resolution (TDR)

The first step when the complaint reaches the tribunal stage is mediation, known as tribunal dispute resolution (TDR).

  • TDR is confidential and voluntary.
  • The complainant and respondent (the parties) meet with a TDR member of the Commission who helps them try to settle the complaint.
  • The TDR member is experienced in dispute resolution.

Who participates in a TDR

Both the complainant and respondent participate in the TDR. Each party may bring a lawyer or other representative to the TDR.

Sometimes, the Director's legal counsel will also participate in the TDR, especially when the complaint is a matter of public interest.

A TDR member will mediate the TDR.

Benefits of participating in a TDR

TDR is faster.
A TDR is scheduled very early in the tribunal process. If settled, the parties do not need to go to a tribunal hearing. By comparison, tribunal hearings take many months of preparation and the tribunal decision is issued some time after the hearing.

The complainant and the respondent have decision-making power in the settlement.
Instead of giving someone else (the tribunal) the power to decide the case, TDR allows both the complainant and the respondent to agree on the settlement.

TDR is voluntary and if either party decides not to participate, they should email immediately.


Revised: March 12, 2021

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